Insoo Kim Berg (USA) and Arnoud Huibers (NL) founded Solutions Centre in 2004.

Insoo Kim Berg and Arnoud Huibers
Insoo Kim Berg (1934-2007) co-developed the Solution Focused Brief Therapy and is the author of numerous books, translated in seventeen languages. A native of Korea and educated in the United States, she offered a balance between the Eastern and Western ways of finding solutions. She was an expert in working with "multi-problem" families, drug and alcohol abusers, the homeless and delinquent adolescents and their families. Insoo was a master therapist and consultant to various community agencies and schools. She lectured worldwide.

Arnoud Huibers
, M.A. is a Licensed psychologist and systemic psychotherapist, member of the Dutch Society of Psychologists (NIP), Psychotherapists (NVVP), Family Therapist (NVRG) and Child- en Youth Therapists (VKJP). He was trained at the University of Utrecht and completed his post-graduate degree, at the Academic Medical Centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is currently a psychotherapist, in private practice, in Soesterberg, the Netherlands and trainer of the Solution Focused approach in the Netherlands, Europe and the Caribbean.